2.0VA to 10.0VA Encapsulated Power Transformers

Encapsulated Power Transformer

Series: UI29 - Encapsulated Power Transformer (2.0VA to 10.0VA)

Encapsulated Power transformers range between 2.0VA to 10.0VA provides you by the Wabash Transformers. Designed especially suited for installations in harsh environments where dust, lint, moisture and corrosive contaminants are present. 115/230V input/output. UL, CSA and TUV recognized.

Product Features

  • Power Rating 2.0VA to 10.0VA
  • Insulation Class B (130°C)
  • Ambient Temperature (ta) -40°C
  • Dieletric Strength -3750 Vrms
  • Potted under vacuum
  • 2VA, 3VA & 4VA series are short-circuit proof transformers
  • 6VA, 8VA & 10VA series are fail-safe transformers
  • Note: The TCO (thermal cut-off) is omitted for the 2VA, 3VA & 4VA series

Agency Approvals

  • C-UL: CSA C22.2 #66
  • UL: UL506
  • TUV: EN61558/EN60950
Encapsulated Power Transformer (2.0VA to 10.0VA)
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SelectVA RatingPart NoSecondary VoltageData Sheet 
2.0VAPV29E-005-02002 X 5V @ 200mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-006-01662 X 6V @ 166mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-008-01252 X 8V @ 125mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-009-01112 X 9V @ 111mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-010-01002 X 10V @ 100mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-012-00832 X 12V @ 83mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-015-00662 X 15V @ 66mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-017-00592 X 17V @ 59mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-018-00552 X 18V @ 55mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-020-00502 X 20V @ 50mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-021-00472 X 21V @ 47mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-024-00412 X 24V @ 41mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-028-00362 X 28V @ 36mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29E-115-00092 X 115V @ 9mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-005-02002 X 5V @ 200mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-006-01662 X 6V @ 166mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-008-01252 X 8V @ 125mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-009-01112 X 9V @ 111mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-010-01002 X 10V @ 100mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-012-00832 X 12V @ 83mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-015-00662 X 15V @ 66mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-017-00592 X 17V @ 59mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-018-00552 X 18V @ 55mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-020-00502 X 20V @ 50mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-021-00472 X 21V @ 47mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-024-00412 X 24V @ 41mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-028-00362 X 28V @ 36mA-Nil-Check Price
2.0VAPV29U-115-00092 X 115V @ 9mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-005-03002 X 5V @ 300mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-006-02502 X 6V @ 250mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-008-01872 X 8V @ 187mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-009-01662 X 9V @ 166mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-010-01502 X 10V @ 150mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-012-01252 X 12V @ 125mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-015-01002 X 15V @ 100mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-017-00882 X 17V @ 88mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-018-00832 X 18V @ 83mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-020-00752 X 20V @ 75mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-021-00712 x 21V @ 71mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-024-00632 X 24V @ 63mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-028-00532 X 28V @ 53mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29E-115-00132 X 115V @ 13mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-005-03002 X 5V @ 300mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-006-02502 X 6V @ 250mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-008-1872 X 8V @ 187mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-009-01662 X 9V @ 166mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-010-01502 X 10V @ 150mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-012-01252 X 12V @ 125mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-015-01002 X 15V @ 100mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-017-00882 X 17V @ 88mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-018-00832 X 18V @ 83mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-020-00752 X 20V @ 75mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-021-00712 X 21V @ 71mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-024-00632 X 24V @ 63mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-028-00532 X 28V @ 53mA-Nil-Check Price
3.0VAPV29U-115-00132 X 115V @ 13mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-005-04002 X 5V @ 400mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-006-03332 X 6V @ 333mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-008-02502 X 8V @ 250mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-009-02222 X 9V @ 222mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-010-02002 X 10V @ 200mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-012-01662 X 12V @ 166mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-015-01332 X 15V @ 133mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-017-01182 X 17V @ 118mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-018-01112 X 18V @ 111mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-020-01002 X 20V @ 100mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-021-00952 X 21V @ 95mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-024-00832 X 24V @ 83mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-028-00712 X 28V @ 71mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29E-115-00172 X 115V @ 17mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-005-04002 X 5V @ 400mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-006-03332 X 6V @ 333mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-008-02502 X 8V @ 250mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-009-02222 X 9V @ 222mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-010-02002 X 10V @ 200mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-012-01662 X 12V @ 166mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-015-01332 X 15V @ 133mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-017-01182 X 17V @ 118mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-018-01112 X 18V @ 111mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-020-01002 X 20V @ 100mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-021-00952 X 21V @ 95mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-024-00832 X 24V @ 83mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-028-00712 X 28V @ 71mA-Nil-Check Price
4.0VAPV29U-115-00172 X 115V @ 17mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-005-06002 X 5V @ 600mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-006-05002 X 6V @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-008-03752 X 8V @ 375mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-009-03332 X 9V @ 333mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-010-03002 X 10V @ 300mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-012-02502 X 12V @ 250mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-015-02002 X 15V @ 200mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-017-01762 X 17V @ 176mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-018-01662 X 18V @ 166mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-020-01502 X 20V @ 150mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-021-01422 X 21V @ 142mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-024-01252 X 24V @ 125mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-028-01072 X 28V @ 107mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29E-115-00262 X 115V @ 26mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-005-06002 X 5V @ 600mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-006-05002 X 6V @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-008-03752 X 8V @ 375mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-009-03332 X 9V @ 333mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-010-03002 X 10V @ 300mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-012-02502 X 12V @ 250mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-015-02002 X 15V @ 200mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-017-01762 X 17V @ 176mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-018-01662 X 18V @ 166mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-020-01502 X 20V @ 150mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-021-01422 X 21V @ 142mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-024-01252 X 24V @ 125mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-028-01072 X 28V @ 107mA-Nil-Check Price
6.0VAPV29U-115-00262 X 115V @ 26mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-005-08002 X 5V @ 800mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-006-06662 X 6V @ 666mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-008-05002 X 8V @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-009-04442 X 9V @ 444mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-010-04002 X 10V @ 400mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-012-03332 X 12V @ 333mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-015-02662 X 15V @ 266mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-017-02352 X 17V @ 235mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-018-02222 X 18V @ 222mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-020-02002 X 20V @ 200mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-021-01902 X 21V @ 190mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-024-01662 X 24V @ 166mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-028-01432 X 28V @ 143mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29E-115-00352 X 115V @ 35mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-005-08002 X 5V @ 800mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-006-06662 X 6V @ 666mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-008-05002 X 8V @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-009-04442 X 9V @ 444mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-010-04002 X 10V @ 400mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-012-03332 X 12V @ 333mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-015-02662 X 15V @ 266mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-017-02352 X 17V @ 235mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-018-02222 X 18V @ 222mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-020-02002 X 20V @ 200mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-021-01902 X 21V @ 190mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-024-01662 X 24V @ 166mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-028-01432 X 28V @ 143mA-Nil-Check Price
8.0VAPV29U-115-00352 X 115V @ 35mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-005-10002 X 5V @ 1000mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-006-08332 X 6V @ 833mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-008-06252 X 8V @ 625mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-009-05552 X 9V @ 555mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-010-05002 X 10V @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-012-04162 X 12V @ 416mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-015-03332 X 15V @ 333mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-017-02942 X 17V @ 294mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-018-02772 X 18V @ 277mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-020-02502 X 20V @ 250mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-021-02382 X 21V @ 238mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-024-02082 X 24V @ 208mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-028-01792 X 28V @ 179mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29E-115-00432 X 115V @ 43mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-005-10002 X 5V @ 1000mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-006-08332 X 6V @ 833mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-008-06252 X 8V @ 625mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-009-05552 X 9V @ 555mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-010-05002 X 10V @ 500mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-012-04162 X 12V @ 416mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-015-03332 X 15V @ 333mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-017-02942 X 17V @ 294mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-018-02772 X 18V @ 277mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-020-02502 X 20V @ 250mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-021-02382 X 21V @ 238mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-024-02082 X 24V @ 208mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-028-01792 X 28V @ 179mA-Nil-Check Price
10.0VAPV29U-115-00432 X 115V @ 43mA-Nil-Check Price

Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

VAA (mm) MAXB (mm) MAXC (mm) MAXD (mm) ±1.0E (mm) ±0.1F (mm) ±0.2G (mm) ±0.2H (mm) ±0.5Approx. Weight (gm)


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