Residential & Commercial Sign & Lightening Equipment

Residential & Commercial Sign & Lighting Equipment


Wabash Transformer excels in designing and manufacturing Transformers with quality achieved by Standards and Certified Processes to meet demand over a wide range of Industrial applications.

Listed below are few Industries where Wabash Transformer's products find themselves useful and applied in small, medium and high production runs.


  • Residential & Commercial Sign & Lighting Equipment

In today’s world there is a demand for hanging lights, under cabinet lights, recessed lights and outdoor lights. For these lighting fixtures to work properly, low voltage transformers are needed. Low voltage transformers reduce the high voltage to safe voltage that is suitable for these fixtures.

The signage and lighting industry with 50 companies owning over 70% market share. This fact alone drives Wabash Transformer to continuously develop standard and custom solutions to meet respective product families for each customer. It is also another fact that the key differentiating factors within these industries include specialized/unique products and superior customer service. These are the same elements which Wabash Transformer engraved into our business practices by offering standard, custom transformers and actively listening to the voice of each customer.

Eighty percent of this industry is dominated by lighted fixtures (portable and fixed). Wabash Transformer is proud to be able to say that we are a preferred supplier for companies providing portable and fixed fixtures. Our series of Class 2 transformers are used in residential, industrial, commercial and institutional applications. Our custom transformers are used in environmentally friendly lamps, lighting showrooms, lighting design firms, outdoor and vehicular applications.

Our transformer manufacturing capabilities and small, mid to large volume manufacturing allows us to leverage economies of scale and service you with the best priced, energy efficient products for each of your specialized applications.


  • Off the shelf items available to ship within three days.
  • Comprehensive design engineering assistance.
  • High performance and product reliability to meet design objectives.
  • 100% quality tested prior to shipping.


  • Standard items are UL/cUL and some CE listed
  • Flexible supply chain to meet your short, mid and long term requirements
  • High efficiency, Cost effective & Reliable
  • Different types of mounting style and termination available
  • Just- in -time delivery improves cycle time & inventory holding cost
  • Value added options available
  • Custom designs available upon request
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