380V, 415V - Industrial Control Transformers

Industrial Control Transformer

Series: CT - Group: G
Input: 380, 415V
Output: 120/240V
Power: 25 to 1500VA

Wabash offers Industrial Machine tool Control Transformers with 380V, 415V Primary Voltages and 120/240V Secondary voltages. International input/output voltages. Power rating 25VA to 1500VA. Frequency 50/60Hz. UL/CSA approved, CE marked. 10 year warranty.

Product Features

  • Primary Voltage: 380V, 415V
  • Secondary Voltage: 120/240
  • Power Rating: 25VA to 1500VA
  • Frequency 50/60Hz
  • High inrush current capability
  • Voltage Regulation exceeds NEMA standards
  • IEC "Touch proof" terminals
  • International input/output voltages
  • Copper coils for excellent thermal characteristics
  • Insulation Class B (130°C)
  • Optional input/output fuse
  • 10 year warranty

Agency Approvals

  • UL/CSA approved, CE marked
  • Meets or Exceeds NEMA, ANSI, NMBTA and JIC
Group: G<br/> Input: 380, 415V<br/> Output: 120/240V<br/> Power: 25 to 1500VA
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SelectVA RatingPart NoPrimarySecondaryULData Sheet 
25VACT0025-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
50VACT0050-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
75VACT0075-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
100VACT0100-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
150VACT0150-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
200VACT0200-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
250VACT0250-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
300VACT0300-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
350VACT0350-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
500VACT0500-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
1000VACT1000-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price
1500VACT1500-G00380V120/240YesData SheetCheck Price

Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

VAPart NumberLWHMLMWMtg. Slot (4 PLCS)Wt. Lbs
25VACT0025-G003.0003.1252.7502.5001.7503/8 x 13/641.94
50VACT0050-G003.0003.5632.7502.5002.2503/8 x 13/642.72
75VACT0075-G003.0003.7502.7502.5002.4383/8 x 13/643.10
100VACT0100-G003.0003.7502.7502.5002.6253/8 x 13/643.26
150VACT0150-G003.7504.1253.3753.1252.7503/8 x 13/645.82
200VACT0200-G003.7504.1253.3753.1252.7503/8 x 13/645.92
250VACT0250-G004.1254.313 3.5003.4383.0003/8 x 13/649.34
300VACT0300-G004.5004.3133.8753.7503.0003/8 x 13/649.64
350VACT0350-G004.5004.8133.8753.7503.5003/8 x 13/6411.50
500VACT0500-G005.2505.3135.2504.3753.6259/16 x 9/3218.00
750VACT0750-G005.2505.2505.2504.3754.1259/16 x 9/3224.72
1000VACT1000-G006.3755.1256.1255.3133.7509/16 x 9/3225.74
1500VACT1500-G006.3756.6256.6255.3135.1259/16 x 9/3236.75


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