115/230VAC Unregulated DC Power Supplies

DC Power Supplies

Series: UPV - Unregulated DC Power Supplies Enclosed Case

Unregulated Linear Open Frame Regulated and Unregulated DC Power Supplies provided by Wabash Transformers with low cost DC Power ideal for relays, motors, solenoids, lamps. 115VAC input standard, Optional 230VAC input. Fused AC Input. 2 years warranty.

Product Features

  • Low cost DC power; ideal for motors, relays, solenoids, lamps
  • 115 VAC input standard; optional  230 VAC input
  • Terminal strip for easy wiring
  • Perforated cover for efficient cooling
  • Optional mounting ears for installation without opening up cover
  • Fused AC input
  • 2 year warranty

Agency Approvals

Unregulated DC Power Supplies Enclosed Case
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SelectVA RatingPart NoCase SizeNominal Output (VDC)Output (Amps)Ripple (Vrms)Output Voltage N/L TO F/L (VDC)Data Sheet 
7VAUPV-7Y31Y371.00.87.7 to 6.3-Nil-Check Price
3VAUPV-8Y30.4Y380.40.48.8 to 7.2-Nil-Check Price
9VAUPV-9Y31Y391.00.79.9 to 8.1-Nil-Check Price
90VA/45VAUPV-9Y610Y6910.0/5.02.3/1.311.5 to 7.5/9.0-Nil-Check Price
18VAUPV-12Y31.5Y3121.52.514.9 to 10.9-Nil-Check Price
120VA/60VAUPV-12Y610Y61210.0/5.02.3/1.314.1 to 9.8/11.5-Nil-Check Price
16VAUPV-16Y31Y3161.00.717.6 to 14.4-Nil-Check Price
160VA/80VAUPV-16Y610Y61610.0/5.02.3/1.318.8 to 14.2/16.0-Nil-Check Price
200VA/100VAUPV-20Y610Y62010.0/5.02.4/1.423.7 to 18.3/20.4-Nil-Check Price
24VAUPV-24Y31Y3241.01.726.4 to 21.6-Nil-Check Price
120VAUPV-24Y65Y6245.02.526.5 to 21.0-Nil-Check Price
240VAUPV-24Y610Y62410.02.426.8 to 21.4-Nil-Check Price
70VAUPV-35Y52Y5352.01.538.5 to 31.5-Nil-Check Price
175VAUPV-35Y65Y6355.03.338.0 to 30.0-Nil-Check Price
80VAUPV-40Y52Y5402.01.544.0 to 36.0-Nil-Check Price
200VAUPV-40Y65Y6405.03.345.0 to 37.0-Nil-Check Price
19VAUPV-48Y30.4Y3480.40.652.8 to 43.2-Nil-Check Price
60VAUPV-60Y51Y5601.02.865.3 to 53.0-Nil-Check Price
16VAUPV-65Y30.25Y3650.250.471.5 to 58.5-Nil-Check Price

Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

No mechanical dimensions available


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