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DC Power Supplies

Series: BVU - Unregulated DC Power Supplies Open Frame

Unregulated power supplies used for the applications where regulation is not essential such as servo motors, Automation equipment and stepping motors. Field selectable input taps 103/115/126/207/230/253 VAC for fine-tuning output. Fuse protected output. UL/CSA approved and CE marked.

Product Features

  • Low cost unregulated DC power supplies
  • Field selectable input taps 103/115/126/207/230/253 VAC for fine-tuning output to match actual field conditions
  • Improved ripple -3% maximum
  • Fuse protected output
  • Computer grade capacitors
  • Floating output provides versatility for wiring

Agency Approvals

  • UL 1950, Third Edition, File #E181899
  • CSA C22.2 No.950, UL File #E181899
  • CE Marked
Unregulated DC Power Supplies Open Frame
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SelectVA RatingPart NoTypical DC Output (@ nominal input and full load)Data Sheet 
14VABVU-7AU1.87.5V @ 1.8A-Nil-Check Price
13VABVU-12AU1.211V @ 1.2A-Nil-Check Price
15VABVU-16AU0.917V @ 0.9A-Nil-Check Price
15VABVU-20AU0.7519.8V @ 0.75A-Nil-Check Price
15VABVU-24AU0.625V @ 0.6A-Nil-Check Price
14VABVU-48AU0.348V @ 0.3A-Nil-Check Price
14VABVU-120AU0.12113V @ 0.12A-Nil-Check Price
12VABVU-250AU0.05247V @ 0.05A-Nil-Check Price
23VABVU-7BU37.5V @ 3A-Nil-Check Price
29VABVU-12BU2.412V @ 2.4A-Nil-Check Price
29VABVU-16BU1.816V @ 1.8A-Nil-Check Price
30VABVU-20BU1.519.8V @ 1.5A-Nil-Check Price
32VABVU-24BU1.226.5V @ 1.2A-Nil-Check Price
29VABVU-48BU0.648V @ 0.6A-Nil-Check Price
30VABVU-120BU0.25120V @ 0.25A-Nil-Check Price
25VABVU-250BU0.1248V @ 0.1A-Nil-Check Price
45VABVU-7CU67.5V @ 6A-Nil-Check Price
58VABVU-12CU4.812V @ 4.8A-Nil-Check Price
58VABVU-16CU3.616V @ 3.6A-Nil-Check Price
59VABVU-20CU319.8V @ 3A-Nil-Check Price
64VABVU-24CU2.426.5V @ 2.4A-Nil-Check Price
58VABVU-48CU1.248V @ 1.2A-Nil-Check Price
85VABVU-7DU108.5V @ 10A-Nil-Check Price
88VABVU-12DU712.5V @ 7A-Nil-Check Price
102VABVU-16DU617V @ 6A-Nil-Check Price
97VABVU-20DU519.48V @ 5A-Nil-Check Price
89VABVU-24DU3.525.5V @ 3.5A-Nil-Check Price
86VABVU-48DU1.848V @ 1.8A-Nil-Check Price
180VABVU-7EU209V @ 20A-Nil-Check Price
188VABVU-12EU1512.5V @ 15A-Nil-Check Price
206VABVU-16RU12.516.5V @ 12.5A-Nil-Check Price
200VABVU-20EU1020V @ 10A-Nil-Check Price
206VABVU-24EU7.527.5V @ 7.5A-Nil-Check Price
270VABVU-45EU645V @ 6.0A-Nil-Check Price
188VABVU-48EU447V @ 4A-Nil-Check Price
216VABVU-72EU372V @ 3A-Nil-Check Price
492VABVU-24FU2024.6V @ 20A-Nil-Check Price
540VABVU-45FU1245V @ 12A-Nil-Check Price
484VABVU-48FU1048.4V @ 10A-Nil-Check Price
375VABVU-75FU575V @ 5A-Nil-Check Price
738VABVU-24GU3024.6V @ 30A-Nil-Check Price
720VABVU-48GU1548V @ 15A-Nil-Check Price
975VABVU-65GU1565V @ 15A-Nil-Check Price
750VABVU-75GU1075V @ 10A-Nil-Check Price

Mechanical Drawings

Mechanical Dimensions (in Inches)

VACase Size ABoB1CDEFGH (dia)Wt (lbs)


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